'Keys' Photo by Tim Clark



I've done it! After some twenty years of college teaching I have temporarily pulled back from that arena in order to accept more performance opportunities. My many students would frequently ask, "Why aren't you out there performing more?" Well, perhaps they were right and I was the slow learner. While it seems my career has run backwards, I know I'll return to full-time teaching one day. I do so enjoy helping young people and sharing in their first-time discoveries of great music. For now, my loving family supports the idea of Dad, the traveling clarinet troubadour... although the dog does seem a bit skeptical.

The concerts I design, whether solo appearances or chamber music, are a musical story telling. If you recall your own favorite audience experiences you will know just what I mean; delightful programming expertly performed, or perhaps great monuments of the literature made newly accessible and personal, like observing a fine jewel held in the hand.

Did you know that many of our greatest composers - Mozart, Brahms, Schubert, Strauss and others - came to the clarinet near the end of their lives? Not the flute, not any other instrument, they turned to the clarinet at the height of their creative powers to describe profound and moving emotional and intellectual struggles, and sometimes to express the purest joy. These are my own goals as I plan concerts for audiences of all ages.

So, welcome to my website! I hope you'll find here something of interest. Look around and drop me an e-mail. Perhaps I'll see you 'out on the road' at some concert. Just for the moment, my family is very glad to have me home and, as usual, they're coaxing me back into the kitchen. They seem to like my cooking... even the dog.

- LN

Les Nicholas